The Devil is in the Details


I’m not sure what the point is anymore? Keeping up with the Jones’ has become this ever need to keep up with technology and frankly, Jones is getting to be a bastard. I don’t want to be as connected anymore. I’m becoming bored with social media sites lately. The same conversations over and over that never amount to anything. I know what I believe and who I am so NO… I’m not really interested in hearing peoples opinions that I discarded long ago. Still, these damn sites have an ungodly pull bordering on an unhealthy addiction. Not to mention that I hate the fact that they force you to be you now. I’m getting bored of that public persona too. At first, I figured it was a good idea so when I finally finished my book and released it, people would know who it was from and I would have a channel to advertise through. More and more, I get the feeling that the book will never be finished, so once again, what is the point?

I think about legacy a lot now. I have no legacy. No great achievement. No claim to fame. Nothing that distinguishes me from anyone else on this rock. I would be just a forgotten entity if I vanished tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to make a mark… through art, writing, videos, and vast amounts of commentary but all to no avail. My public persona blog never gets any comments and I suspect, like most blogs, that no one reads it, they come for the pics attached to it. Who reads blogs anymore? Not many people. they want a short and sweet 140 characters and a damn soundbite. I don’t even know why I’m starting this blog back up. Maybe I should just use this site as “therapy writing”.

I’m not sure how one “gets popular” in this internet world now. You strive to create interesting content and 9 times out of 10 the audience gravitates to someone farting on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then eating it, over caring about creative content that someone put actual time and effort into. It’s like nothing with a core is important anymore, it’s all surface. It’s all bullshit. Maybe Idiocracy has become reality. Who knows?

I do know that I’m bored with the internet. Outside of media (movies, books, comics, music) the internet is becoming the sales floor for every advertisement and pitch on the planet. Look down below, I’m sure WordPress will be selling you something targeted just for you. It’s no longer the wild west. And Google wants to make it a “Safe Space” for all of the weak and easily offended PC wussies of the world by censoring any contrary speech. Like I said, it’s all bullshit.


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