Well there’s no way this could go wrong.


Season 3 Episode 22 A House Divided

This is the last Person of Interest episode before the Season 3 finale and with it comes a deeper humanization for the leader of Vigilance. We see flashbacks of how the government detained his brother as a “person of interest” and a terrorist. And after the brother killed himself it is revealed that he was innocent. This sets the journey for which Vigilance now traverses down.

Finch is still being held by Decima and the Machine crew get 5 numbers but all is not clear. It turns out that they are the numbers for government officials, the head of control (she’s back), and the head of Decima. When Vigilance takes down the cities power supply via a virus it leaves Shaw and Reese in the dark and running behind. Only an unlikely team up with Control’s Hersh puts the crew back on the right path, but still too late. Now Vigilance has the officials, the head of Decima, Control, and Finch. Vigilance then starts broadcasting what will be their trial for crimes against the people and their privacy.

Meanwhile Root has a plan and it looks like she will be going straight into the lions den, or rather, straight into the den of Samaritan, and the odds are stacked against her.

CBS should really make the final two Person of Interest episodes of the season a glorified 2 hour event. The wait for next week is too much!!!

On another note, humanizing the head of Vigilance takes us back into that gray area of what is right and what is wrong. Who really makes the decisions when people are detained? If there is a mistake, why is there no way to appeal it or get a fair trial even if you are a US citizen? How much information is too much for the government to have? Will a full on AI find all people irrelevant and takeover?

This show is by far the best show on TV and with out a doubt the most relevant to what is currently happening in this nation. Kudos to the writing staff and all the great actors/actresses. I can’t wait for next week… And then I won’t be able to wait for next season!!!


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