Almost Human is one of my favorite new TV shows to debut this season. It’s a cyberpunk speculative look at a future in which we are moving toward. The cast all mesh really well together and the dynamic of partners/stars Kennex and Dorian (Played by Karl Urban and Michael Ealy) clicked from the very first episode. The production and special effect are all top notch too.

TV is lacking in the Sci-fi department and Almost Human fills that big hole admirably. I just hope enough people keep tuning in Monday nights to keep it going. We’re at the half way point with the mid season hiatus during the holidays and I for one cannot wait for this show to come back in January.


I saw Elysium in the theater and the first thought while I was watching it was that this is liberal socialism trying to beat a message into a persons brain through the movie medium. The director has even said this in interviews. When the ship of illegal aliens was blown to bits as it approached Elysium in the beginning of the film I really had no issue with it. Hell, I say we set up automated heavy artillery on our border. I’m sorry, but illegal aliens have no business coming here or staying here. When the first act of a person is to break the law (by illegal entry) then to hell with them. It’s unfair to those of us who have to work and have our taxes wasted on these people and it is monumentally unfair to the good immigrants coming here legally.

Secondly, this was a movie on health care for everyone. I’m sorry to say but health care is NOT a right. It will never be a right. It’s stupid to make it a right because as with Obamacare you can see that trying to make government mandates to make it a right just destroys the entire system, degrades quality of care, and brings everyone down to a horrible standard.

So, when I first saw this movie I wasn’t to keen on it. The liberal/social message the director was trying to hammer home was bullshit. BUT…. I watched it again tonight and the director changed the dynamic and I doubt he even realized he did this. By making health care in the form of a “miracle machine” it doesn’t reflect health care in today’s society at all. If we had a “miracle machine” then by all means, withholding health care from everyone would be wrong. It would be a crime. It is completely different than today’s society that forces hard working people to pay more and more in premiums and taxes to fund those that put nothing in the game. A “miracle machine” is an automated process; it is not a doctor that is forced to take less and less from insurance companies that make more and more.

When I saw that the “miracle machine” is the key dynamic, then the entire movie changed for me and I enjoyed watching it this time around. I realize that Blomkamp probably didn’t think about this dynamic but it’s there and for that reason this is a completely fictional movie where the commentary on today is null and void for what he was going for.

With this dynamic in mind, the movie works.


When I first saw Total Recall on the opening weekend I was excited because this looked like it was going to be a cyberpunk roller coaster ride like no other. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work. Enter the Unrated version. I watched it tonight and it changed everything.

It’s really amazing what 12 extra minutes, reworked scenes, and reworked dialogue can do for adding a huge amount of depth to the story that was missing from the theatrical release. The Hauser/Quade story now makes more sense and characters were enhanced through just those small tweaks, additions, and changes.

For anyone who felt that the theatrical release was lacking, you owe it to yourself to take another look at the Unrated version. This time, it works.

 Also, don’t bother holding onto the memory of the Schwarzenegger version from 1990. I have fond memories of it but the production to the music hasn’t held up well at all. It doesn’t even compare to the Unrated 2012 version in any way, shape, or form. 


Robot & Frank is a nice twist on speculative futurism. Instead of the gritty cyberpunk world we all know and love we get the story of Frank, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. His kids are stretched to the limit in taking care of him, so his son buys him a robot caretaker. The Robot becomes his companion and there are humorous times to be had between them both. Frank was a former cat burglar so the Robot indulges Frank’s renewed hobby in trade for getting Frank to eat right and work on his focus. It’s a good movie with top notch acting and a story that keeps you interested throughout.


The whole Duck Dynasty thing is an excellent reminder that when it comes to having your own opinions in this country, tolerance should go both ways.

All I see from the media is intolerance of his belief. Why is his belief trumped by that of the gay and lesbian community? He is not attacking them in any way. He stated his belief. It’s a non-issue.

Neither side is “wrong”, they just believe differently.

If only those that demanded tolerance would show it sometimes. Lately, groups that demand tolerance show themselves to be the very least tolerant. I’m not sorry to offend anyone in saying: Get a life and worry about your own damn self. There will always be groups of people who dislike the acts or ideals of other people. That doesn’t mean they can’t get a beer and talk about other stuff together. That doesn’t mean they can’t live and let live.

There is no difference between intolerance of the gay and lesbian community or religious intolerance. Sometimes in the real world you just have to say, this is what I believe and this is what you believe and leave it at that. Whoever is on the other side should respect that persons opinion (they don’t have to like it) and move on. If you can’t do that, then you’re the intolerant one.



More and more you hear about unskilled labor demanding a “living wage” for jobs that are not worth it for that price per hour. Every month some group is demanding an increase in the minimum wage. In reality we shouldn’t even have a minimum wage because the Free Market will take care of it. However, in reality we do and it is mainly due to this fake liberal Utopia that will NEVER exist. Companies are not stupid though.

Enter the Automation process.

Already in the UK fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s are replacing their front end staff with automated machines for taking orders. Add to that, that another company has completely automated the back end kitchen process then we’re well on our way to replacing the human element in fast food. From that, we’ll see more jobs for Tech’s who will repair and maintain the equipment. They’ll make more than a burger flipper but the company will not have to hire as many people nor will they have to deal with the constant employee turnover that lower wage jobs usually see.

I love this because company ingenuity will always trump oppressive and strict government heavy handed regulation. I also love this because it puts the whiners who think they deserve more for flipping burgers out of a job. They fail to understand that fast food and minimum wage was NEVER meant to be a living wage. If anything, it was a position for kids in high school or working through college for money. I’m sorry to say this but you are a loser if you expect to be able to live off of a fast food job. Flipping burgers does not entitled you to $15 per hour. It may get you by in a pinch of last resort for people between jobs but for the long run you should be learning a skill that will translate into something that can make you money. If you’ve just settled then that’s your fault.

So let the automation begin so I can get my burger and not deal with entitlement idiots in the picket lines.

On another note, fast food companies should look at automation apps that will allow a person to order and pay from their mobile device. Using the persons GPS, the system could then track the customer as they are driving to the restaurant and then do the calculation on how much time the order will take to prepare and when (by GPS and traffic conditions) the order should be completed. That way, when the customer drove up their order is hot and ready to go.

With tech automation subbing for human inefficiency there are many aspects of low wage paying positions that can totally be reconfigured for an efficient machine. We’re on our way in that direction and I’m looking forward to it.


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